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Peadon Rural: Livestock Nutrition

Peadon Rural is committed to offering top-notch nutrition solutions for livestock producers. Whether you’re a small scale outfit keen to grow great quality produce for your community, a larger producer who seeks to offer livestock output on a more industrial scale, or you’re looking for the very best food, supplements, and antibiotics to keep your pets and working animals healthy, Peadon Rural will help you find the ideal nutrition solutions.

Our aim is to provide quality products to the producer. Our staff are constantly learning to stay up to date with industry related products and services so they can offer the best advice for all your animal health and nutrition needs. If you are after something in particular that we don’t stock, let us know – we may be able to organise special, one-off orders.

Visit us between 7.30 am – 5 pm Monday to Friday and 8 am-12 pm Saturdays at our Crows Nest location or call us today on 07 4698 2299.

Livestock Feed

Great nutrition is the foundation of a healthy stock, and we are proud to work with leading brands to bring you the very best options for your animals. Perhaps you’re looking for something that will help your horses reach their optimum performance, or you need something that will support your animals as they grow older – whatever your needs we are sure to have a solution.


By working with leading brands that build complete foods with a strong focus on micronutrients, you can be confident that you are choosing the best livestock nutrition solutions for your stock. Just like humans, animals need nutrients like zinc, copper, manganese and selenium for healthy growth and protection against disease. By choosing quality food, you’re choosing to grow healthy stock, and ensuring the best produce.

Peadon Rural: Livestock Nutrition
Peadon Rural: Livestock Nutrition

Livestock Supplements

Livestock supplements are a vital component of livestock nutrition and necessary at various points in your stock lifecycle. You may need a top-up feed to support breeding mares or stallions, or a supplement to manage the health of your pregnant ewes. Choosing the right supplements can offer protection against disease, parasites, infections, and poor health which means you can be confident your stock is having the healthiest, happiest life possible, and will deliver great quality growth and produce.

Our suppliers offer a host of supplements, from in feed solutions to injectables and we’re happy to offer advice and input as needed.

Animal Anti-biotics

Any stocksperson knows the importance of keeping livestock healthy. Diseases cause unnecessary discomfort to animals, and part of our responsibility lies in ensuring we keep our stock as happy and well as possible. If diseases take hold, they can devastate a whole herd or flock, as well as posing serious consequences for the industry as a whole.

Responsible use of antibiotics

At Peadon Rural, we understand how important it is that antibiotics are used responsibly. We will always encourage you to seek advice from a vet before using antibiotics and only use the amount that’s necessary to solve the problem. Antibiotics are an essential part of modern farming and we’re proud to work with suppliers who promote and adhere to their responsibilities.

Peadon Rural: Livestock Nutrition

We are pleased to stock the following quality brands for our clients:

Livestock Nutrition FAQs

Livestock nutrition is a complex matter, so you probably still have a few questions about how to improve your animal’s consumption. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for below, then feel free to give Peadon Rural a call at 07 4698 2299. Alternatively, you can fill in our online contact form and we will get back in touch as soon as we can.

Does high-quality nutrition affect the taste of an animal product?2022-12-30T05:56:17+00:00

To a degree, the nutrition and diet of an animal will go on to impact the taste and quality of its meat. Healthy livestock will inevitably result in higher-quality meat that more people will enjoy; nutritional options do not just keep your animals healthy but also your farm or business. Of course, you should keep your animals on a healthy diet for reasons beyond ensuring a better taste, but you can’t ignore the additional advantages of well-fed livestock.

When should I give antibiotics to my livestock?2022-12-30T05:56:35+00:00

When it comes to using antibiotics on people or animals, antibiotic resistance is an understandable concern. Bacteria affecting livestock can still transfer to humans – and they can learn to fight back against antibiotics; this means you must not overuse these medicines. Only use an antibiotic on an animal in your care if you know they will benefit from it. We recommend you seek vet advice first or you may end up contributing towards antibiotic resistance.

What are the fundamentals of livestock nutrition?2022-12-30T05:56:45+00:00

Similar to humans, you can split livestock nutrition into numerous distinct groups and needs: carbohydrates and proteins to provide energy, fats to increase the density of that energy, vitamins to maintain a functioning body, and minerals to support general health and growth.

Though the proportion and literal amount of each are going to depend upon the specific animal, what remains true across all your livestock is the need for a balance of each nutritional category. If your animals do not have enough of even one food group, it is just a matter of time before health problems and illnesses start to creep in.

Can quality nutrition boost livestock breeding?2022-12-30T05:56:53+00:00

Studies suggest that a healthy diet is paramount for good breeding among livestock; everything from what they eat and how much they eat has a profound impact on their reproductive health. By keeping your animals on a healthy diet of supplements and quality feed, you’re ensuring that you will get a new wave of births across your property – and that they will all be born free of defects.

Can I consult with you about my livestock nutrition?2022-12-30T05:57:03+00:00

Absolutely – we are experts when it comes to keeping your animals on a healthy diet that works for them. This means we can and will do our best to provide you with the best advice on the matter. Contact Peadon Rural and we will ensure your livestock has the correct nutrition.


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