Peadon Rural: Irrigation and water Filtration Systems
Peadon Rural: Irrigation and Water Filtration Systems

At Peadon Rural, we provide products and services for agricultural and domestic users in Crows Nest and the surrounding region. We specialise in all aspects of pumping, irrigation and water filtration from all major manufacturers.

With water being our most precious asset, irrigation systems should be designed to give the most efficient distribution of available water. We offer various irrigation methods such as home and flood irrigation, trickle and spray lines.

We now stock a selection of solar pumps. This has become a more affordable option for rural properties due to spreading drought conditions and rising fuel costs. Water efficiency and having a low head storage tank is key to saving the most money.

Knowledge is everything. Call our friendly team today or visit our Crows Nest store and experience the difference.

Some of our trusted suppliers include: