Having your farm and your produce recognised as organic can be a huge selling point and is the reason why so many are turning towards becoming officially recognised.

This avenue towards sustainable production focuses on using renewable resources, conserving energy, soil, water, and other natural resources, as well as maintaining the quality of the environment. You will use careful external inputs to keep the production cycle as closed as you can, achieving optimum production quantities of high nutritional value without resorting to harmful and dangerous artificial fertilisers or synthetic chemicals.

You will need to record and monitor soil fertility, rotation design, cultivation and tillage, labour, livestock and farm infrastructure, weed and pest control. This will also involve contacting certifiers to perform inspections and monitor the conversion of the farm.

Peadon Rural prides itself on environmentally friendly methods and expert knowledge in rural farming in Australia. For more information about making the profitable and sustainable conversion to becoming an organic farm, get in touch with us today.